We are Jacksonville’s premier pet waste cleanup service and we’ve earned that title one yard at a time from 100’s of satisfied customers.


Our service is always great. You have a great company and provide great service.

Amanda L.- Jacksonville, FL

You provide and awesome service and we have enjoyed the "cleanliness" of our lawn.

Scarlet B. - Ponte Vedra, Florida

Although First Coast Scoopers is more expensive than a neighborhood kid, the reliability and professionalism exhibited are well worth the extra cost.

Jason C. - Jacksonville, Florida

We had a pet service in our previous city, it was just a private owner and it made our lives so much easier and our backyard cleaner. We were ecstatic to find out we could have this service in our new area, and the staff is very professional.

Melina H. - Jacksonville, FL

My vet informed me of the danger of parasites that lived in the dog poop. I hired First Coast Scoopers to reduce the illness in my three dogs.

Eric W. - JAX, FL

I was so excited when I heard I was a free woman! Free at last! I no longer have to scoop poop! ? I feel like a queen! Thank you!!

Heather C. - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

No more fighting with the kids to see whose turn it is for poop patrol! I will highly recommend you to all of our friends in the First Coast.

Kelly B. - Ponte Vedra, Florida

You have the absolutely BEST customer service...and you are the best in the POOP service as well!

Sandy E. - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

We were not cleaning the yard as often as we should and we got tired of us and the dogs stepping in it and tracking it in the house.

Suzan P. - Jacksonville, Florida

I've only had the service one time but my mind is relieved that this chore is now removed from my list of weekly things to do! Thank you First Coast Scoopers!

Norma M. - Jacksonville, FL

When I got sick this was the one thing on my to do list that kept falling to the bottom until the job became overwhelming - calling First Coast Scoopers got all of it taken care of, quickly!

Christine C. - Ponte Vedra, FL

First Coast Scoopers helps me due to health issues and now, my pets, kids and us can work in our yard without worry.

Karyn M. - Jacksonville, FL

We wouldn't have a dog if it wasn't for the service you provide, so THANK YOU...

Michelle W. Atlantic Beach, Florida

First Coast Scoopers is definitely worth my time and money.

Brandon L. - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I am pleased with my less stinky yard.

Amy E. - St. Johns, FL

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